At GravityWorks you will find the highest quality frames from the top designers, with a wide selection in every price range. Advanced lens technology and new materials for your glasses and contact lenses mean extended comfort and excellent vision. Converting difficult prescriptions into comfortable, attractive eye wear is our specialty! Whether 6 months old or 106, we will find what’s just right for you.

Our expertise is always available for adjustments and frame repair should accidents or emergencies arise. And just in case, all frames and lenses purchased from GravityWorks include our exclusive one-year warranty.


Hundreds of Designer Frames including:
  • Thalia
  • Disney
  • Seiko
  • X-Games
  • Sax 5th Avenue
  • Easy Twist
  • Takumi
  • Pro Design
  • Polo
  • Flexon
  • Nike
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Ray Ban
  • Maui Jim
  • Vogue
  • Lulu Guinness


Please tell us about your work and leisure activities. With advanced technology, new lens designs and special treatments, we can tailor exactly the right lenses to meet all your vision needs.
  • Phoenix Lens
    • Material 60 times more impact resistant and 100% UV protection
    • 6 times stronger than plastic and twice as scratch resistant as polycarbonate
    • Lighter than plastic and polycarbonate

  • Hoyalux iD Progressive Technology
    • Wider, distortion free field of view in the thinnest, lightest lens material

  • Super Hi Vision Anti-reflection Coating
    • Twice the scratch resistance with superior smudge resistance and maximum anti-reflection without color distortion

  • Computer / Office Lenses
    • Focus straight ahead on the computer so you don’t have to tilt your head back to clear the screen – you can work on the computer, read fine print and see clearly across the room!

  • Occupational Lenses
    • Many occupations require you to see clearly up close when you look down and up; require a special working distance such as art restoration or reading music; or require special protection such as glass blowing or welding. Be sure to discuss your work and recreational activities with us so we can recommend the best lens technology to meet your needs.

  • Sport Glasses
    • Swimming, skiing, fishing, shooting, mountain climbing – lenses for sports enthusiasts are designed to help you get the most out of your sport with clarity, comfort and safety…

  • Sun Glasses
    • Maui Jim
    • Ray Ban
    • Nike
    • Michael Kers
    • Ralph Lauren

Polarized lenses eliminate reflected glare. They’re great for hiking, fishing and all types of outdoor activities.

Please tell us your work and leisure visual interests. With advanced technology, new lens designs and special treatments, we can tailor exactly the right lenses to meet your visual needs.

Low Vision Optical Devices

People who have lost partial eyesight through injury or eye disease benefit from special devices to help them function as independently as possible. We offer a full range of Low Vision products to help you make the best use of the vision you have.

We would be happy to demonstrate the use of these low vision optical devices and recommend products to help you in your daily activities.

Specialty services
  • Sport glasses
  • Computer specific lenses
  • Latest lens technology
  • Same day service
  • Custom repair
  • Custom tints and coating
  • Sunglasses