Patient testimonials

From our patients:

"Before vision therapy I used to hate to read.  Now I can read a large novel in less than one week!"  DeAndre, age 9

"Before vision therapy Ian could not sit still an work for more than 5 minutes. After therapy Ian's attention improved dramatically, he can sit for more than 45 minutes."  Staci, Ian's mother (Ian age: 6)

Michael age 10

"Michael’s hockey season started right about the same time he finished vision therapy. We noticed a marked improvement in his playing this year. Of course, he was a year older and more confident, but we think it was more than that. His reactions were quicker and he seemed to go after the puck with more speed and agility. It was also right around that time that we had parent/teacher conferences at school. His teachers were thrilled with his progress. One teacher that he has this year and also had last year said, “He is a different kid!” His enthusiasm for reading grew starting at the beginning of the school year and is still with him now! Last year, he did not like reading, rarely finished books he started and preferred reading comic books and magazines with lots of pictures. Now he chooses novels and reads them avidly until he is done. He has even started liking book series and looks forward to the next one, even before he’s finished the one he’s on. Before, series were a bit too daunting for Michael and he would only choose them if they were going to be read to him.

It finally dawned on me after Christmas, that all these changes must be due to his work in vision therapy. Makes sense that if you can see better, you can play better, read better, pay attention better… And he no longer wears his glasses – and that is probably the best part – as far as he is concerned! And by the way, he still does some of the exercises. I see him playing around with the convergence and divergence thing!

Anyway, Chris and I want to thank you and Dr. Adamich for convincing us to try this program to help Michael. It was expensive and time consuming, for sure. But worth every minute and every cent. Now if I could just get myself to sign up!"   Salley, Michael's mother

"I just wanted to say thank you. I can see such a difference in Hannah's movements since starting the therapy.  She can now jump free-handed and steps down the stairs with ease.  It is so wonderful to see her move with confidence."  Hannah's Mother, (Hannah age:4)